Sir, I just received word from one of our agents in the Secretary’s office. Everything is proceeding as we expected. The under-secretary is creating a taskforce to address the purported existence of, as they put it, "artifacts with paranormal, supernatural or otherworldly powers.

Their list of initial prospects is quite long, and seems to contain a bewildering variety of individuals. While we expected them to recruit from the usual law enforcement and military sources, they appear to be looking at current and former agents of all sorts, from analysts to caseworkers.

How this will impact the plan can’t yet be seen, but this might mean that they think they’ve figured out how to “activate the artifacts.” It would certainly fit with the recent activity we’ve been monitoring.

We still don’t know HOW they intend to use them, although that shouldn’t be a problem. I think our agents are ready for just about anything they might try.

Government Agent Artifact Showdown Mystery